Aloha: La Primera Vez

La Primera Vez –> The First Time

We were driving in a taxi down the narrow cobblestone streets of Toledo, Spain (Note: the streets are for vehicles and pedestrians alike.).

Above: Cobblestone street/sidewalk (Toledo, Spain) Featured Top: View that I took in while walking around the city (Toledo, Spain)

And, one taxi was stopped on the side of the street/sidewalk. We stopped, and our taxi driver asked the other what was wrong, his voice filled with genuine concern.

This was the first time that I saw the “spirit of aloha” in Spain. I realize that this was a simple, painless gesture of amiability. However, he did not have to stop. In another, faster-paced, less amicable place, perhaps, he would not have stopped at all.

I suppose that what I am attempting to articulate is that even though I have not been here for long, it is nice to see some Maui sunshine over here in Toledo, where some of its 43ºC (Remember: multiply by 2, add 30 to get ºF) of heat is coming from a harmonious, good-natured source.

Peace,Love,&Happiness (Paz, Amor, & Felicidad),


P.S. Just in case you forgot what Maui looked like.

A north shore sunset (Baldwin Beach: Paia, Maui, HI)

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