The Art of Getting Lost

Recently, a 5-minute walk from the local park to my house turned into a 29-minute circular adventure.

Above: The Primary Entrance to the City (left) & La Vega Park (right): Toledo, Spain

With my uncanny sense of direction, I knew that I was close to the house the entire time; however, I could never quite make it to the correct street. I found myself walking in circles, going down streets that looked like they could lead to my house, but in fact, only led me to my initial point of confusion. From house #2 to house #42, I saw it all. I walked past stores that I never knew existed (they were still closed because it was too early in the morning), I learned some new street names (after passing by them multiple times), and I even saw a woman washing her car with a paper napkin.

I knew how crazy it was that I had managed to get lost in such a small neighborhood (especially since it was not my first time confused in a labyrinth of unknown streets in Toledo), and so, I laughed-maybe at myself, maybe at the situation. Either way, they say that smiling (and consequently, laughing) releases dopamine, a happy, feel-good neurotransmitter (McLean, 2011). So, I was indeed lost, but at least, I was happy.

Version 2
Above: Hot air balloon flying over the centuries-old edifices of the prior capital of Spain (Toledo, Spain)

The universe can be funny sometimes, in that the answers to life are usually closer than we think (perhaps, a mere 2 seconds away!).

Peace, Love, & Happiness (Paz, Amor, & Felicidad),




2 thoughts on “The Art of Getting Lost

  1. Get lost. It is how you get found. … But bring a few Euros, too, just in case that takes a long time and you get hungry or thirsty!

    Hello from New Jersey!


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