The Art of Kissing


A rain-kissed morning in Toledo’s rose garden

One of the first things that we learned upon arriving in Spain was the art of kissing. That is, we learned how to properly kissgreet others.
When people say, “Come, give me a kiss,” what they really mean is “Come give me two kisses”: one on the right cheek and one on the left cheek. This is the expected greeting between a woman and another woman, as well as a woman and another man. They told us that most of the time, two men will choose to shake hands or do the half-hug bro thing to keep up the “manly-image.”

This style of greeting was not a new concept for me (I’ve seen it in the movies), rather a new practice, as most of the time, we hug in Maui. Additionally, I don’t usually kiss people I have just met (maybe a quick side-hug if it’s a mutual friend). However, here, it is the norm. In fact, it is considered rude and cold not to automatically do so.
I appreciate how it forms a quicker and more intimate bond with newly acquainted strangers.

FUN FACT: In Morocco, between the women, it is three kisses, one on one side and two on the other.

The LoVe that I found in Morocco

Speaking of kissing and love, I thought it would be an opportune moment to note all of the love that I have seen in the streets while here in Toledo.

What is Love?

Love is: Stopping in the middle of the street to talk about the fascinating way in which the sun, moon, and earth all work together to make the day bright and the night dark 
Love is: Cane on one side, friend on the other 
Love is: Arms interlocked, stylish-purses in hand 


Love is: Co-carrying the grocery bag while wearing complementary Christmas colors 

Love can be found in a plethora of contexts across an expansive spectrum of relationships.

Be it in the morning when the sun has just risen or at night when the moon has made way for the stars, love is there.
Be it between parent and child, friend and friend, or spouse and spouse, love is there.
Be it explaining scientific principles, leaning on someone else, or co-carrying a grocery bag, love is there.
Steps in sync, arm in arm, bag equally in hand, love is there.

Be it Spain, Morocco, or Maui/USA, love is here.

Love is here. Love is now. Love is all we need.

Paz, Amor y Felicidad,



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