Windmills or Giants?

We are down to the last 5 days, and I cannot believe it (I don’t want to believe it). Time has flown by. I remember driving into Toledo and meeting my host family for the first time like it was just yesterday. And now, in less than a week, I am going to have to say goodbye to them. To all of the friends that I have made. To Toledo. To the mini-life that I have managed to create here.

These past couple of weeks, I have made sure to do a bit of exploring in a plethora of places both far and nearby Toledo. I went to Manzanares el Real, which featured a grand castle surrounded by crystal-clear water, snow-capped mountains, and fall-kissed trees. I saw the windmills (or should I say “giants“) that inspired Cervantes’ “Don Quijote” in Consuegra. I walked through a lesser-known park, La quinta de los molinos, in Madrid, which was a tranquil haven of trees, ponds, and bird calls. And, in Toledo, I rediscovered the city and all of its grand views when I went on a 6-mile-run around its perimeter, which was a great treat at the end of the exams week.

The ends of things are always complicated. I am grateful for everything that I have experienced and everyone I have met. And, to a certain degree, I don’t want to have to give it all up because I appreciate where I am at the moment. However, at the same time, change is good, and I am excited for the future. It is a delicate balance and tricky dance to ensure that gratitude for the past and hopefulness for the future does not impede our ability to enjoy the present.

That being said, there are still five das left here-plenty of time to “aprovechar el momento” and “disfrutar del día” before moving on to the next mini-pocket of time in life!

Paz, amor y felicidad,



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